Root canal in Commack

Root Canal in Commack

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Root canal in Commack
Root canal in Commack

Our root canal in Commack is an essential non-surgical procedure that is done to rescue your tooth when it has succumbed to an infection, or in some cases when dental trauma due to an accident or injury has caused harm to the pulp inside one of your teeth. Here at the office of Steven R. Feigelson, DDS, we assure you of expertly done, gentle root canal, utilizing advanced techniques and technology to make the experience as pleasant as possible. And with a strong oral hygiene regimen following the procedure, you can put the odds in your favor of avoiding problems or complications that can arise.

In order to explain the importance of oral hygiene following our root canal in Commack, it’s vital to consider why you needed it done in the first place. Bacteria are always present in your mouth, and when your tooth is adequately protected, they do not pose a threat to the inner portion of the tooth, where the pulp and nerve are located. Your enamel forms a barrier around your tooth, but the effects of tooth decay create holes, better known as cavities, that can allow bacteria to get past your enamel. If a tooth becomes chipped or cracked, this is also a possibility. It’s for these reasons that timely care is so essential. A prompt filling or crown for a chipped or cracked tooth can help you to avoid our root canal in Commack. When the procedure is completed, you will initially be fitted with a temporary crown, until the tooth heals enough for a permanent crown to be placed. Oral hygiene, meaning brushing twice per day and flossing before bed, will keep the tooth and the area around it clean both before and after your permanent crown is put on. By doing so, a secondary infection will be far less likely.

When you suffer with tooth pain, contact our office right away. This is true both before and after you have had root canal in Commack.

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