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Pediatric dental exams in Elwood

It takes a combined effort to promote and maintain your child’s optimal oral wellness. Our Elwood family dentist, Steven R. Feigelson, DDS recommends that in addition to the oral hygiene your child performs at home, with your help and supervision, that she or he also come in two times per year for a dental exam and cleaning. By adhering to that strategy, there is every reason to be confident about him or her remaining free of cavities and gum disease as much as possible.

When you bring your child in for a first visit with our Elwood family dentist, the first thing you’ll notice is that our office is designed to be comfortable, welcoming, and fun. Our staff is friendly and patient. And one of the objectives is to make certain that your child understands what the equipment and instruments are for. The more familiar they are, the less chance there is that they will provoke nervousness. Our Elwood family dentist is dedicated to getting her or him on the road to healthy oral habits now, which establishes a routine lasting well into adulthood. One aspect of that routine is a dental exam and cleaning every six months. It includes the taking of x-rays in addition to a physical check and visual inspection of his or her teeth and gums. If any cavities are detected, they can be filled promptly, making further complications less likely (toothaches, infections). Cleanings are crucial, as well. They serve two purposes. First, they remove hardened tartar, which along with film-like plaque, is a key reason for cavities and gum disease. Second, if there is any mild irritation or redness evident in your child’s gums, those are signs of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis. Cleanings reverse those effects.

Let’s get started on your child’s dental health right away. Contact us now to arrange an appointment.

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