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Same day crowns in Elwood NY

Dentist in Elwood NY
Dentist in Elwood NY

The dental crown – that little chunk of porcelain in a metal frame has been helping to save teeth as part of a restoration for many decades. If done correctly it looks and feels exactly like the natural tooth it replaced. There is, however, one small drawback to the dental crown and that is that it takes seemingly forever to get put it. First, you go to the dentist and they do whatever restoration needs to be done to the tooth whether it is a large cavity to be filled, a root canal or a dental implant that needs to be topped. Then the dentist takes an impression and puts on a temporary crown. The impression goes to the lab and a week or two later you go back to the dentist and if the new crown fits and the color matches you get to go home with it cemented into your mouth. Otherwise you go home and the crown goes back to the lab. It’s exhausting! Happily, our dentist in Elwood NY has boiled the whole process down to just one office visit.

Thanks to advances in dental technology and computer assisted design and computer assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) all the measuring, prep and manufacturing time is greatly reduced and the waiting time while the impressions go to the lab and the crown comes back to the dentist has been eliminated. Our dentist in Elwood NY, Dr. Steven R. Feigelson, DDS, is one of the first doctor’s in the area to use the advanced technology of the E4D System to manufacture porcelain crowns right in our office and place them in the patient’s mouth in just one day. The E4D System utilizes a harmless laser scanner to create intraoral 3-D images of your mouth, which replace the traditional gooey impressions. Our doctor then uses these images to design the crown right in the chairside computer to perfectly match the adjacent teeth and fit. The most exciting part of the process is that the information is then sent to a milling/manufacturing machine in another room where your new crown is made from a solid block of porcelain in a matter of minutes, even the color is matched to the design during this one step process. Our staff member simply goes into the next room and brings the new crown to the doctor while you are still in the chair. The crown is placed in your mouth and any last minute adjustments are made and then the crown is permanently bonded in and you go home with a fully restored tooth.

Crowns made by our dentist in Elwood NY through the E4D System have no metal frame like traditional crowns so there is much less chance of irritation and no chance of an unsightly metal border protruding from the gum. Another advantage of the E4D crowns are that our doctor can place the crown without removing as much of the natural tooth’s remaining material. Make an appointment with our office to find out what cutting edge dental technology can do for you.

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