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Are suffering from cavities in your smile, but are concerned about the appearance of your dental fillings? If you are worried that metal fillings will ruin the appearance of your smile, or are currently looking into ways to have your current metal fillings replaced with a more attractive alternative, dental inlays and onlays may be the perfect solution to our cosmetic dental and oral health care woes. This method of care is not just for cavities, but can work to restore damaged teeth too! To find out if dental inlays and onlays are right for you, simply visit the expert at your local Commack family dentist at the offices of Steven R. Feigelson, DDS to get the beautiful smile you deserve.

Cosmetic Dentist 11725
Cosmetic Dentist 11725

Dental inlays and onlays are very similar procedures which are performed to different areas of the mouth in order restore teeth against cavities and decay. Inlays are a type of procedure which is used to treat cavities and chips and cracks that have occurred across the surface along the back of your teeth. These teeth are responsible for the most of the bite force required for healthy chewing, and as such are the most prone to damage and decay. In the past these required treatment by amalgam and other unsightly types of metal fillings, but thanks to today’s latest advancements in dental technology you can receive alternative tooth-colored fillings from your trusted Commack family dentist. Inlays are made from strong porcelain, the most durable tooth-colored material today that can perfectly mimic your own teeth to give you a brighter and healthier smile in one procedure.

Onlays are needed when damage is too severe for an inlay alone to repair the damage. Onlays are very similar to partial crowns, as they can cover a large area of damage and work to keep cracked teeth from getting worse. The major difference between onlays and inlays can be simply explain by inlays being needed to treat decay that stays within the cusp of the tooth, while onlays are used to treat damage that encompasses the cusps, where decay and injury have moved from just the biting surface of the teeth to the back of your teeth as well. Onlays are also made from strong porcelain, though onlays which are needed from in the front teeth of your mouth can also be treated by your professional Commack family dentist with composite resin, as these teeth put out the least amount of bite force. Composite resin is not as durable as porcelain, but it is a more affordable alternative. To find out which type of cosmetic inlay or onlay is right for you, simply visit our welcoming offices of Steven R. Feigelson, DDS to achieve a smile that is as healthy as it is beautiful.

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