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Common causes of toothaches in Commack

Commack emergency dentist
Commack emergency dentist

You can get tooth pain from TMJ disorder (a jaw condition) or gum disease, but the most common causes of toothaches are cavities, filings that are loose or have fallen out, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and tooth infections. At the office of Steven R. Feigelson, DDS, you can expect urgent care to relieve the toothache and to give you every opportunity to retain a viable and healthy tooth.

In many cases, your toothache is a sign that the nerve of the tooth has become exposed. Your tooth has protective layers that cover the nerve, the pulp, and the rest of the delicate inner portion. A cavity breaches those layers. And fillings don’t last forever, so at some point, yours can loosen or pop out. Often, this is the result of more tooth decay that has made the original cavity bigger. Regardless of the why, the outcome is that your inner tooth is again prone. Our Commack emergency dentist will put in a new or replacement filling to restore the tooth to its normal level of protection. When your tooth become chipped or cracked, the same type of exposure occurs. Impressions are taken so that the dental lab can craft you a crown that will cover the damaged tooth. Our Commack emergency dentist won’t leave the tooth exposed, however. A temporary crown will suffice in the meantime. A big part of the reason why it is so essential for you to act quickly when you have a toothache is that you could sustain an infection. Bacteria can get through that opening and your pulp will become the victim. With a success rate of about 90%, root canal is the treatment to apply for an infected tooth. And with local anesthesia and even sedation if you prefer, you can be assured of comfort for the procedure.

Contact us immediately when you have a toothache so that we can get you in to see our Commack emergency dentist in a timely manner.

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