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Best Dentist in Elmwood Park

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Dental fillings in Elmwood Park

Best Dentist in Elmwood Park
Best Dentist in Elmwood Park

If you have a cavity on a front tooth, you will want to come to our office, Steven R. Feigelson, DDS, where you can get tooth-colored dental fillings. Our best dentist in Elmwood Park, Dr. Steven R. Feigelson, will make a recommendation on the type of filling to be use based on the size and location of the cavity.

At our dental practice, our best dentist in Elmwood Park is able to provide you with either a traditional silver amalgam filling or a tooth-colored composite filling. Both of these fillings have their own distinct advantages. A traditional silver amalgam filling is extremely strong. It is much more resistant to breaking, or chipping then tooth-colored composite fillings. It is also generally less expensive to get at our dental practice because it takes our dentist less time to install this type of filling. However, this will vary from case to case. A tooth-colored composite filling is not as strong, but it does strengthen your tooth since the filling will actually bond to the tooth. It also calls for the removal of less tooth enamel. A tooth-color composite filling is made of the same material that is used for dental bonding. If you have a cavity on a location on your tooth that shows when you speak or smile, this is probably the best way to go. You will want to check with your dental insurance to determine how each type of dental filling is covered by your insurance company. While our dentist will generally make a recommendation on which type of filling is best to use, there are times when a patient will have distinct personal preferences, and our dentist will always be happy to accommodate this whenever possible.

For an appointment to meet with our best dentist in Elmwood Park regarding getting a dental filling, or for a comprehensive dental exam, contact us today.

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